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Outstanding Fashion Label in Brooklyn

Welcome to 1st Mansa, where quality, style, and creativity reigns. We are a leading provider of fashionable clothing for all seasons and sizes. We know that our stylish clothes are unmatched, and you’ll always find something that suits your true style. Visit our shop at Brooklyn to see our latest wears in person, or get in touch with us on +16469862247 if you have questions or would like to book a fitting session.

What we do

We focus on streetwear fashion styles. Our business is set apart from the rest by the creative style that we bring to the fashion industry. We are recognised by top fashion bodies for our unique way of expressing fashion creativity. Our styles are in tune with the needs of the current young culture and are widely accepted. Our creative process is also flexible enough to incorporate your suggestions and exact requests. Ask us to find out more about what we offer.

Delivering high-quality items

Our promise is to deliver high quality, trendy, and fashionable products that are what you’re looking for. We value our customers’ love for fashion, so we invest a lot in fabric and equipment. We always aim to produce products that meet our customers’ taste and preferences. Our passionate fashion designers always do their best to create amazing designs that you’ll definitely love. That’s because we want you to look and feel good when you are wearing our clothes. As a customer, your style and comfort is our priority.

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